…and welcome to my poetry grotto. Have a seat, pour a drink and make yourself comfy by the fireside. Now you’re here, I’ll be showing you a few of my writings from the dim and distant past.

Wikipedia says a grotto is any cave associated with ‘modern, historic or prehistoric use’ by humans. The poems I’ll be sharing here are definitely of the historic/prehistoric variety; they were all written in the early 90s when I was in my early to mid twenties. I guess you could call it a phase since they dried up after that and I’m inclined to class them all as juvenilia, if that word can be used when nothing came after…

A number of the poems were published in various magazines at the time, what were and perhaps still are called ‘small magazines’, which tended to refer to both their spatial dimensions and the size of the readership. What copies I have of those have long been MIA in the depths of the loft (even more cavernous than the cavelet you find yourself sitting in now), so on the whole I won’t be able to acknowledge which was published where, as I simply can’t remember.

But I do intend to write some thoughts below each piece, just whatever springs to mind as I look at them again, 20 years-odd on…

So without further ado, let’s descend into a spot of total fantasy…enjoy (and feel free to comment if the fancy takes you),