And all I could say was I don’t know

when you asked me what I saw


up there, in minutes

clenched in the fist of an instant,

and us inside

the skin of that animal

we once would have called machine.


I don’t know.


At that speed light passes in blind moments.

Dark speaks the sentences in between.


I went on living

in rooms of time,

each cell in my body

candle-snuffed out,


relit in the same instant

in another location.


I do not think I heard darkness.

I may have become one of its words.


And now, here, back in the place

where life happens,

with the stars all safely

chalkmarked up in their pinholes,


everything’s wrong,


and you with your eyes hungry

in curious fright,


hungry like light and as slow.



Another sci-fi-type thing. The idea is, it’s about someone returning after travelling faster than light, and when they get back things are not quite the same…Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but I think it does succeed in creating a certain tension, a certain mood.