When waves break

on the face of mountains

the claws in our hearts

will relinquish their clasp


When clouds are fossilized

in their beds of sky

our arms will know nothing of warfare


When the white horses

of the ocean

burst out into green flame


We will have forgotten our differences

and our dreams will empty of love’s fierce colours




This could have been the one I was chuffed about when it got published. It was in a magazine called ‘Illuminations’, which came out in France as well as the UK. Very few copies in each I imagine, but still going international! I like it actually. You could say it’s basically just a bunch of platitudes, but they’re well-dressed and I think they work. I like the way it reconciles it’s pessimism (or at least fatalism) into a kind of hope (or at least a more positive fatalism) at the end. That’s how I see it anyhow. Yeah.